PurePharma is a Danish company founded in 2009 in the heart of Copenhagen. All PurePharma products are rooted in a core of strong scientific research, and our production is a unique implementation of technology and innovation that secures market-leading quality through every link.

At PurePharma we are creating only the most evidence-based products, ensuring that they are of absolute benefit, which have revealed a unique approach to product development and quality.

Our mission is to reinvent the concept of the multi-vitamin by producing only products that deliver results and are scientifically proven.

We supply the most powerful micronutrients that are lacking in the average diet today. We aspire to produce only a few scientifically proven supplements that have a significant impact on human health - with no compromise on quality.


PurePharma product portfolio is among the smallest within the supplement industry. We believe that by specialising within a narrow field we can create the best possible products. Our unique way of working applies a different view on the creation of new products. The traditional approach involves the development of one product and then creating several sub products resulting in a confusing mix of standalone supplements that have no real relationship, connection or synergy. Our product innovation is based on a circular incremental approach to development “The never-ending circle”.

By continuously developing our knowledge within one field and, dedicating a significant amount of our efforts into strengthening our existing products using new state of the art technology or new market leading ingredients, we will have an on-going process that secures market leading quality health supplements.


We pride ourselves on creating only the most evidence-based products. Allowing the consumer complete assurance that the supplements consumed are going to be of absolute benefit. Our team of experts are maintaining a close relationship with the most up to date scientific research; which they then use to develop new, or enhance existing products, enabling market leading quality stemming from strong scientific evidence. PurePharma prides itself on providing you with the scientific research that each product originated from, by including fully referenced posts, product information pages and articles.


Each ingredient for any PurePharma product is carefully handpicked to ensure superior quality. By assessing existing research and conferring with experts, we are able to create a secure base for our products and customers. Each ingredient is notably different to other sources and is distinctive in the bioavailability and natural sourced quality. Naturally, explains the journey, which each product undergoes to secure their market leading quality


How do we develop a product?

Relevance  Nutrition is rapidly becoming a global issue, with poor nutrition associated with a number of chronic diseases and fatalities. PurePharma recognizes the impact of poor nutrition, and has highlighted the lack of micronutrients and low nutrient density in the current Western diet; for example, studies have indicated that only 25% of Americans consume their Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of magnesium from their diet, and less than 40% consume ¾ of their RDA. Such deficiencies, or insufficiencies, can have severe implications on both human health and athletic performance. PurePharma target such areas; areas where improving micronutrient status can have a significant impact, and strive to rectify the situation by producing convenient supplemental products to complete and enhance the current diet.

Traceability  It is important to understand where the ingredients you consume originate. Not all ingredients are produced with the same quality controls, or come from the same respected sources. PurePharma sources the raw ingredients of all their products from highly regarded suppliers, all of which have full internationally recognised quality certifications and approval in their respected areas, allowing the consumer complete assurance that what they are consuming is not only safe, but free from harmful additives.

Bioavailability  PurePharma compares in-house bioavailability studies to make sure the ingredient supplier is complying with their ethos and the perceived quality. Not only that but following the PurePharma philosophy of staying in touch with the most up to date scientific research they have a great understanding about which specific form of micronutrient or nutrient is most bioavailable to human subjects and which is best absorbed. This will ensure that the body can efficiently and effectively absorb the ingredients.

Technical Assistance and Scientific Support  PurePharma production has in-house technical and scientific support teams that are accessible to its customers; PurePharma openly encourages customers to reach out should they have any questions regarding any of the contents. It is important to inquire about technical assistance and scientific support so that you get the full benefits of your partnership.

Regulatory Knowledge  This area is critical and essential in the production of market leading quality products. PurePharma production has a dedicated team focused on staying up to date on the regulatory environment, again ensuring only the highest quality ingredients are distributed. PurePharma products comply with EU and US pharmacopeia. 

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